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Thursday, January 28, 2010

UK TV In Spain Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive Freesat in Spain?
Can I watch Sky TV in Spain?

These and many more questions are always being asked as people try to decide what is the best way to receive UK TV channels in Spain on the various satellite and digital terrestrial services.

With this in mind, we have created a number of pages which tries to answer all your UK TV in Spain questions.

Frequently Asked Questions - UK TV in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions - Freesat TV In Spain

Frequently Asked Questions - Freeview TV in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions - Sky TV in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions - TDT in Spain

If a specific question is not answered on these pages then you can always try our forum -

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What UK TV Channels are available on small dish in the Costa Blanca of Spain

UK TV Channels Available on Small Dish Costa Blanca Spain

Here is list (correct as at December 2009) of the UK TV channels that you should be able to receive on the Costa Blanca area of Spain on a small satellite dish. These can be received on most (if not all) digital satellite receivers, including Sky TV and Freesat TV digiboxes, and also other "generic" decoders like Darkboxes or Manhatten satellite receivers. This is because all these UK TV channels are available for free - meaning that they do not require a Sky viewing card to watch them.

These UK TV channels are available on a small satellite dish, about 80cm to 1m satellite dish) as these channels are on the Astra 2A south beam frequencies, the Astra 2B south beam frequencies and the pan European Eurobird 1 beam frequencies.

Popular Channels
CBS Reality
CBS Reality +1
CBS Action
CBS Drama
Information TV
BBC Alba
Travel Channel
Travel Channel+1
Food Network
Food Network+1

Movie Channels
Zone Horror
Zone Horror+1
True Movies
True Movies 2
Movies 4 Men
Movies 4 Men+1
Movies 4 Men2
Movies 4 Men2+1

Music Channels
Chart Show TV
The Vault
OMusic TV
Channel AKA
Starz TV

News Channels
Sky News
BBC News
BBC Parliament
Russia Today
France 24
Al Jazeera
Press TV
NHK World TV

Children's Channels
Tiny POP
Tiny POP+1

Other Channels

Luxe TV

Body in Balance

Rural TV

Horse and Country

Fitness TV

My Channel


AIT International

True Ent





Controversial TV

Unexplained TV


Channel M



Sumo TV

Fashion TV

wedding tv

wedding tv asia

Renault TV

Religion Channels

God Channel

GOD Europe


TBN Europe





Loveworld TV


Gospel Channel





Radio Station Channels

BBC Radio 1

BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 4

Classic FM



Planet Rock




Choice FM

BBC World Service

BBC Radio Scotland

BBC Radio Wales

BBC Radio Ulster

BBC Radio Asian

BBC Radio 6 Music

BBC Radio 7

BBC Radio 1Xtra

RTE Radoi 1Xtra







Absolute 80's

Jazz FM

BBC Sports Interactive Service Streams

To watch the BBC Sports Interactive service stream on Sky boxes

BBC News

Red Button




BBC News

Red Button


Sports Multiscreen

To watch the BBC Sports Interactive service stream on Non Sky Boxes

Select from the channel lists


These streams are available on frequency 12441 polarisation v symbol rate 27500

For more information visit

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to get UK Freeview in English on the Costa Blanca, Spain

How to get UK Freeview in English on the Costa Blanca, Spain

You cannot receive Freeview on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

"Freeview" is the brand name of a UK Digital Terrestrial TV service.

It is transmitted from TV transmitters in the UK - ir terrestrial transmitters.

The nearest Freeview transmitter to Spain is in Cornwall, and its signal is not strong enough to be received in Spain. In fact it is was strong enough, then it may be that they would only need on TV transmitter mast in the UK!

However, many channels available on Freeview are also available on satellite - for free. These channels include: BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Five.
There are also channels that are available for free on the Freeview system that you have to pay for, via a Sky TV subscription and viewing card, on satellite - like Dave, UK History.

You cannot use a Freeview receiver / digibox to receive Freesat TV or Sky TV. Freeview receivers are not compatiable with satellite signals and as such, Freesat TV and Sky TV receivers are not compatiable with Freeview terrestrial siganls (although there may be some combined Freesat Freeview receivers available.)

In Spain, you do have a digital terrestrial TV service, called Television Digital Terrstrial - TDT.
It delivers up to 30 digital TV channels. These are Spanish TV channels. There are no UK TV channels available on TDT. However, you can, in many cases, changed the imported American and UK programmes from their dubbed Spanish audio soundtrack into their original English lanaguage audio soundtrack.

I am sure I saw the latest ITV1 "I'm A Celebrety Get Me Out OF Here" with Ant and Dec on Siete, a Digital TV channel available in Spain. What is the Spanish translation of "Why eye man!"?

For more information please visit:

The Sat and PC Guy - Digital Satellite and Terrestrial Installations and Maintenance for the Costa Blanca

or the forum

The Sat and PC Guy FORUM - Digital Satellite and Terrestrial Installations and Maintenance for the Costa Blanca

Thursday, January 14, 2010

No more TTon4 onthe Costa Blanca?

Are you asking where has TTon4 gone?
Has your TTon4 Channel 4 disappeared!
Are you missing your TTon4 Channel 4 programmes!

Unfortunately, from the 13th January 2010, the Channel Four test channel TTon4 is no longer available to viewers in the Costa Blanca Spain area.

TTon4 was used by many to view Channel 4 without a Sky viewing card, and best of all, it could also be viewed on a small satellite dish, where are the normal Channel 4 channels required a big 1.8 or 2.4m satellite dish, or a Sky viewing card.

If you have a new white Sky viewing card, then all is not lost. You should still be able to watch Channel 4, by using th other version on the same frequency. These versions are the Irish versions of Channel 4, so not all programmes will be exactly scheduled as the UK version of Channel 4.

You can add these Irish Sky viewing card versions of Channel 4 to yur Sky box as follows:
Press Services
Press 4
Press 4
Type in the Channel 4 frequency of 12480, polarisation V, Symbol Rate 27.5 and and FEC of 2/3.
Press Find Channels
This should bring up a list of channels on this frequency.
Navigate to the first "Channel 4", and press the YELLOW button.
This places a tick next to the channel.
Press Select and you will see the Channel List updated.
Press Select.
Pres the Sky button.

To view this added channel Press Services, and navigate to your "other channels" list and select "Channel 4" from the list.


For more information please visit:

The Sat and PC Guy - Digital Satellite and Terrestrial Installations and Maintenance for the Costa Blanca

or the forum

The Sat and PC Guy FORUM - Digital Satellite and Terrestrial Installations and Maintenance for the Costa Blanca

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sky Default Transponder Settings Costa Blanca Spain

Sometimes a Sky Digibox will crash and display the message "No Satellite Signal is Being Received".

This normally happens when there has been a power cut. When the power is restored, the box just gives the "no signal" message. For short power cuts, an interruptible power supply (UPS or SAI) should prevent this.

When a Sky digibox is turned on it tries to download information from a specific default frequency from the satellite. The digibox must have this information to start to work.

The default transponder frequency setting that the decoder is initially set on (11778) is one of the weaker signals in Spain and the Costa Blanca. So should you experience one of Spain frequent power cuts during this period, your digibox may be unable to boot up.

Therefore, to assist the digibox to receive the bare minimum information it requires boot up the default frequency must be changed to another frequency to enable the initial information download.

1 Physically unplug your box from the mains supply for (at least) ten seconds.

2 Plug the box back into the mains

3 Wait two minutes

4 Turn the box on with the remote - until the box shows a green light, not a red one.

5 Press the Services Button.

6 Press, in succession but without pausing, 4, 0, 1 and Select You should now be in the Installer's Menu.

7 Press 2 - Default Transponder

8 Select the Frequency (GHz) box line and type in 12129 (the default is 11778). If this doesn't work, you can also try 12441, 12051 or 12207.

9 Scroll down and select Polarization. This should show V. (There are only two choices, V and H; if necessary, change by pressing the right key (to the right of Select) on your remote.

10 Scroll down to Save New Settings and press Select. This will bring you back to the Installers Menu.

11 If the process has been done correctly you should see the current date and time at the top left of the screen. This means the box has managed to located a signal from the satellite and the information download has started.

12 Press Back Up Three Times. Your screen should now display "Searching For Listings".

13 Wait a couple of minutes for channel 998 to "come in". (On some small satellite dish systems, the actual channel may not "come in" but then programme information banner at the bottom will be populated with the programme information - once this is populated then your channels should all be available)

The process is now complete, and you should be able to select the channel of your choice.

You do not have to do this process for Freesat or Generic receivers, just Sky receiver.

If you want to see how this process works, you can watch a video of the operation

For more information visit
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